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Website Satisfaction in a Nutshell

What Makes a Great Website?

At Cba Sites, we believe a great website is more than just pretty or one that 'does the job.' It's an effective site that’s a satisfying experience for the visitors and the site owner. For most organizations, that requires more than picking a template and filling out the forms. So what's involved?

Reaching Your Specific Audience

To start with, your website is online to reach your audience with information that brings about a desired action. That action – what you want the visitor to do – can cover a broad range of activities such as getting information, learning skills, becoming involved in an event, donating to a project, calling for your services, or purchasing a product. These actions occur in different ways and at different times. Your website layout should reflect that. No matter what activities we design for, we’re always aware your visitors are people who want to be engaged personally, not as numbers, markets, or money machines.

Your Organization is Unique

Chances are your organization isn't like the one next door or down the street. So why have a website like theirs? A website is a tool, and what you're going to use it for should profoundly influence the structure, design, and visitor experience. We strive to creatively capture the feel of each organization into the website as clearly as possible. It's that thing that makes you different from any other organization doing what you do. Our challenge and our passion is to create a site that reflects the heartbeat of your organization in an inviting way.

What Do You Want to Tell Them?

Your website talks for you. What you want your visitor to know needs to be clearly communicated to them, and they shouldn’t have to guess or figure it out. But what if you’re not a writer? Or unsure how or what to communicate to your audience? Maybe you’re just plain stressed out and plan to say the minimum. We’ve got your back! We love creating content that communicates your goals clearly. We’re skilled in researching and writing. When you work with us, putting together high-quality content will be stress-free. We can do the heavy lifting for you.

Can They Find Their Way Around?

Ever been irritated by a website where you couldn't find what you wanted or got lost within the pages? Frustrating, is it not? More than that, it can cause visitors to leave your site. People have become less tolerant of poorly-constructed websites. Solving this problem takes thoughtful organization and planning, something we invest into every site we build. We listen very carefully to what you as the client want while always keeping the visitor’s experience in mind.

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

Maybe you’ve heard about search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO) and how important it is for getting visitors to your site. (We like to remember they're individuals, not just "traffic.") If people can't find your website, they can't use it. That's easy to see. But what isn't so easy to see is that search engines actually “read” your site. There’s just no substitute for well-written content. We use SEO best practices including clean, well-developed structure; high-quality content relevant to your organization; and well-defined category links and metadata. These can't be overlooked if you want good search results.

Site Security

A graffitied or exploited website is never a good thing, so security is something we take very seriously at Cba Sites. We implement measures during the building process to protect your site from would-be hackers and spammers. We can code sites that are inherently more difficult to be attacked. Then we'll remain on guard and continue that security afterwards through continual site updates, maintenance, and monitoring. We want your website to be a worry-free experience.

A Satisfied Visitor

When your visitor is leaving your website, how do they feel? Have they accomplished their goal? Will they come back if the occasion arises? Would they tell their friends? Returns and word-of-mouth referrals are another vital ingredient to increased visits, but it won’t happen if the visitor wasn’t satisfied to begin with. At Cba Sites, everything we do revolves around how your visitors will react, engage, and respond to your site. We want people to be satisfied with their time on your site and share their experience with others. It all centers around what your organization has to offer and how it is presented to the world.

It Shouldn’t Break the Bank

Everything we've covered so far is integral to great site development. But...lastly, a great website shouldn’t be out of financial reach. Even though we build custom sites, we strive to make them affordable. After all, building great websites is what we love to do.

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