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What Makes a Great Website?

At Cba Sites, we believe a great website isn't just a pretty site or one that 'just does the job.' It's an effective site that is a satisfying experience for the visitor as well as the site owner. For most organizations it involves more than choosing a template and filling out the forms. So what's involved?

Reaching Your Specific Audience

To start with, creating an effective site is about reaching your audience with your specific information that culminates in a desired action. That action -- how you want the user to engage -- can cover a broad range of activities such as obtaining information, learning skills, getting involved in an event, donating to a project, calling for your services, or purchasing a product. Although these activities happen in different ways, websites often have a “one size fits all” approach when it comes the layout of your site. At Cba Sites, no matter what action you have in mind, we never forget that your visitors are people who want to be engaged intelligently, not as numbers, markets, or money machines.

Your Organization is Unique

Chances are your organization isn't like the one next door or down the street. So why have a website like theirs? Websites are a tool, and what you're going to use it for should profoundly influence the structure, design, and user experience. At Cba Sites, we strive to capture the feel of each organization into the website as clearly as possible. It's that thing that makes you different from any other organization doing what you do. Our challenge and our passion is to create sites that reflect the heartbeat of the organization in an inviting way.

Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

You might have heard about search engine optimization and how important it is to getting website visitors. (We like to remember they are individuals, not just "traffic.") If people can't find your website, they can't use it. That's easy to see. But what isn't so easy to see is that the engines “read” your site. There is no substitute for well-written content. We use SEO best practices including clean, well-developed structure; high-quality content relevant to your organization; and well-defined category links. These can't be overlooked if you want good search results.

Creativity and Dedication

Cba Sites team has been building creative websites since 2011. Our team is blessed with complementary strengths, so to maximize creativity and efficiency in every website, we bounce strategies and ideas back and forth during site planning and throughout construction. As life-long learners, we're always on the lookout for better ways to do the thing we love: building great sites that beautifully realize the organization's goals through a satisfying visitor experience.

User Friendly Navigation

Ever been frustrated by a website where you couldn't find what you wanted or got lost within the pages? We have, and we hate that frustration. We also hate that it causes visitors to leave your site. Users are becoming less tolerant of poorly-constructed sites. Solving this problem takes thoughtful organization and planning, something we invest into every site we build. We listen very carefully to what you as the client want while always keeping the user experience in mind.

Site Security

A graffitied or broken-into site isn't a fun experience for anyone, so security is something we take very seriously at Cba Sites. We implement measures during the building process to protect your site from would-be hackers and spammers. Then we'll remain on guard and continue that security afterwards through continual site updates, maintenance, and monitoring. We want your website to be a worry-free experience.

A Satisfying Experience

Everything we've covered so far is integral to great site development and shouldn't be bypassed if you want people to enjoy their visit at your site. Beyond that, however, wouldn't you like them to come back again and even tell their friends about your site? Word-of-mouth referrals are another vital ingredient to increasing your visitors. Think about your own Internet experiences for a moment. If a site is frustrating or unpleasant, how eagerly would you return? Or refer your friends? With the world at our fingertips, it's usually not hard to find a site that works better. At Cba Sites, everything we do takes into account how your visitors will react, engage, and respond to your site. We want people to be satisfied with their time on your site and share their experience with others. It all centers around what your organization has to offer and how it is presented to the world.

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